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What will be Future Technologies?

The following technologies can be future technologies, just a prediction:

1. Virtualization
2. Cloud Computing
3. GIS

Considering current economic turmoil, many of organization no more willing to invest money for their IT infrastructure. CTO/CIOs would consider more ROI than TCOs of their IT infrastructure. By virtualizing their IT environment, they can make more ROI.Currently, IT companies are doing research projects and grooming up their human resources to compete in the post-recession periods.Therefore, they would prefer to virtualize their systems to cut down cost for Desktops/servers. When a research project needs around 40 systemsfor the entire organization, they can simply go ahead with one higher class server such as DELL PE 2950/R905 and load the VMWare/XenServerfree Hypervisor and have 40 systems. Now, the ratio became 1:40. They really going to cutdown additional 39 physical servers and HVAC costs.

Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing is Internet ("cloud") ba…