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NSX 6.3.3 Controller Deployment Status "Deploying" for long time and fails (root password expired issue)

Problem Description: NSX controllers’ deployment is failing on NSX 6.3.3 version. The controller shows “Deploying” status for around 30-45 mins and later failed/VM is deleted although your entire NSX configuration looks good. During the deployment state, the controller VM is deployed and powered on. But, it is not assigned with IP Address which is specified in the IP Pool. It looks like that “root password expired” issue with NSX controller VM. The NSX Controller is built-on Photon OS and root password age is set 90 days. This may be cause for the controller machine unable to assign the IP Address during its customization stage. Work Around: 1.After the controller VM is deployed and powered on, connect the VM and Launch web console. 2.Enter the username as “root” and password “vmware” 3.Enter the new password and note down. (must be 8 chrs and one upper, lower and special chr) 4.Type the following command: vi /etc/system/network/ 5.Press “I” to insert text in the vi 6.…