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Google Chrome OS as VM on VMware Workstation

During this weekend, got sometime to play with Google Chrome OS. I downloaded the OS image (around 650 MB) and installed with VMware Workstation as a VM. I chosen the "Other Linux Kernel 2.6.x" as the type of the VM. However, the Google Chrome OS using Linux as their base kernel. It looks like that noone going to leave this  Linux kernel, a evergreen OS kernel.

I am facing some issues with Chrome OS as a VM, unable to change the screen resolution/size, though I managed to get this sound device, but, poor audibility. I am not seeing any console (Terminal Windows) like other Linux based systems. Therefore, unable to install the VMware tools for better enhancement of the VM.

Anyway, using the Google Chrome browser/OS for this post :)

Its still long way to go for full exploration of capability of this OS. I applied for Pilot user program for Chrome OS and keep my finger cross to get the notebook and experience the feel  of lightweight OS.