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Desktop on Cloud

Today, I came across some articles and found a useful about offering a desktop on cloud with 3GB storage at free of cost! cool..huh... The desktop can be accessible thru your browser over the internet. The service is powered by Xcerion's XIOS technology including its XML virtual machine.

Xcerion's( XIOS/3 (Xcerion Internet Operating System)is a zero-footprint XML based OS. Since the OS and application runs in the browser, it also works in offline. There is no more update hazzle, they will update themself.

You can upload your pictures/documents/movies/music thru a simple click "Upload Button" from your system. I felt that it took long time to see those files in the VM. Might be a bandwidth of my internet connection.

Please visit and sign up for your cloud desktop
Cloud is keep passing!!!

vCenter Reinstallation after 60-Days trial expires without losing Database Contents

Many of us still evaluating the vSphere and vCenter in our test environments. Sometimes, it takes more than 60 days to evaluate where trial edition expires.
We can't extend the trial edition in ESX host, either we have to reinstall it or license it. vCenter also have to follow the same way as ESX does. But, here we can keep old database contents as it is when you reinstall the vCenter software.

This document using vCenter 4.0 and SQLEXPRESS 2005 (built in) database. At the time of installation of vCenter 4.0, it installs SQLEXPRESS 2005 by default unless any other Database specified. Mostly, we are using built-in database is SQLEXPRESS 2005 for testing environment.
When you install vCenter 4.0, it installs SQLEXPRESS 2005 and creates a database called "SQLEXP_VIM". You can view this thru SQL Server Configuration Manager console.
Start à All Programs à Microsoft SQL Server 2005 à Configuration Tools à SQL Server Configuration Manager

Creating DSN

Create a System DSN for this d…