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VCB with NTBackup

VCB (VMWare Consolidate Backup) Framework is backup proxy. VCB is NOT Backup software. It acts as a relay agent between the Virtual Machine and backup software. Generally, VCB would be installed as part of vCenter OR it can be installed on any standalone system as well.

VCB comprehensive software of Backup, Snapshot and mounting the virtual disk.

Download the VCB Framework from download portal. Install it on a Windows XP system.

It install under the following path:

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Consolidated Backup Framework

Before take backup of the VMs, its virtual disk has to be mounted with our local system.

Enter following command in Command prompt to mount the Virtual Disk:

vcbmounter -h -u -p -a name: -t file -r C:\VCC001 -m nbd

where as

-h can either ESX Host OR vCenter Server

-u Username

-p Password

-a VM parameters (name: enter VM name as per the inventory)

-t Fileflavor

-r Mount point

-m mode

After run this command, you will folder called VCC001 on C Drive …

Migrating a Physical Server to Virtual Environment

The following points to pondered before migrate a Physical Server into Virtual Environment:

1. Avoid hot cloning of AD DC (Active Directory Domain Controller) to virtual environment. Best to build a new VM and make it DC (“dcpromo” on the fresh VM)
2. If any SQL Server, better to build a VM and restore the databases.
3. If any MS-Exchange server, better to do perform cold migration
4. If any SAN LUN presented in the physical server, unpresent them. Present the LUN back to VM and configure as RDM (Raw Device Mapping)
5. Keep the same no of CPUs.
6. You can increase the Disk size.
7. Keep in mind that USB is not supported VI3, if any USB tongle needed for any license purpose, better to stay back as physical OR try USBNetwork solution before migrate them

NOTE: Install the VMWare Tools on those migrated servers without fail.

vSphere - Launch In India

I have been invited for vSphere event in Mumbai, India on 14/May. It was 4 hrs program and VMWare presented the highlights of vSphere. Along with VMWare, CISCO and EMC also presented their products which can be intergrated with vSphere.
I would prefer to highlight the networking advancement on the vSphere rather than its own features.

CISCO NEXUS 1000v software switch attracted many audience. This product address previous network issues with VI3 products. NEXUS 1000v provides policy based VM connectivity. It is able to define the network policy, called as Port Profile. Also, Port Profile can consists QoS, Access-Control List. The highlighted feature of the NEXUS 1000v is portability. Those configured Port Profile can be migrated along with VM to another Host by VMotion.CISCO NEXUS 1000v can be managed by vCenter 4.0

To know more about NEXUS 1000v, please refer the CISCO website. Also, software is free to try. The Estimated price would be around less than USD.1000.