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VMware Certified Advanced Professional 4 - Datacenter Administration - Exam Registration Open

The long waiting for the VCAP-DA exam is now over and ready for registration. VMware offers 50% discount in VCAP-DA exam if you are attending the following recommended courses between now and November 30, 2010:

VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting [V4]

VMware vSphere: Manage for Performance [V4]
VMware vSphere: Manage and Design for Security
VMware vSphere: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI

To register the VCAP-DA

Blueprint for VCAP-DA

All the Best Guys!!!

When ESX host reclaim memory?

This is really interesting and important question for the VMware professional. Who and when will host reclaim the memory, the answers follows:

VMKernel is responsible for the reclaiming the memory. VMKernel decides to reclaim the host memory based on their four states. ESX maintains the four memory states:

High @ 6% - No Action
Soft @ 4% - Ballooning
Hard @2% - Swapping + Ballooning
Low @1% - Swapping

ESX effectively supports 3 memory reclaim techniques such as:

1. Transparent Share Paging (TPS)
2. Ballooning
3. Host Swapping

Now, the ESX will decide which memory reclaims technique to be used at when. However, TPS is enabled by default and continuously running in the ESX host, it is not considered.

Let’s see the how memory state is calculated:

Memory State % = Physical Memory – Service Console Memory

When the memory state equals to high state (6%) or virtual machines use less than 94% of host memory, there won’t be any reclaim process invoked. When the memory state start to fall down, it wil…

VMware vCloud Director – Enabling your Cloud

Finally, the long wait is over. VMware officially launched their cloud enabler/management product called vCloud Director. This product help the organization to build their own secured private cloud. vCloud Director coupled with VMware vSphere for hypervisors and vCenter, VMware vShield for Security and vCenter Chargeback for accountability and granular level user’s usage.

Using vShield technologies offers network solution like as DMZ, Port-level firewall, NAT and DHCP services. vShield Edge offers site-site VPN solution, web load balancing and other significant network features.
vCloud Director cells can scale up to 25 vCenter and 10,000 managed VMs.

vCloud Director will be licensed for 25 managed VMs at cost of US$ 3750. Also, they have promotion pack for vCloud Director with vCenter Chargeback at cost of US$ 2500 for 25 managed VMs. Apart from this, there would be additional cost for vSphere ESX4.1/Hypervisor and vCenter4.1 if you don’t have them already. VSphere4.1 Enterprise Plus …