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Office 365 - Microsoft offers MS-Office on Cloud

Finally, Microsoft put their Ms-Office suite on the cloud and started as cloud service ( ).They hosted important application such as Email (Outlook) and Calendar. Office 365 offers 25GB mailbox for each user and they can send email messages upto 25 MB. Other important MS-Office application like MS-Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote are also available under Office365. Users can view,edit and simultaneously access and edit the same document with other users. The same feature available in Google docs and referred as “Real-time Collaboration”( ).I generally use the Google docs in home computer for documentation work. I noticed that Google docs automatically saves the document and maintain version. Microsoft offers the office365 as Beta version only. I have not yet used office365 and unable to conclude the feature comparison between Office 365 and Google docs.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon offers free 5GB cloud drive at free of cost . You can save your documents, music and video files. Addition to this, you can directly play your music files without downloading. This feature is currently available only for US customer. Amazon may start this service for world wide. If you are willing to use more than 5 GB, Amazon will charge you as per storage choice. I remember few years back I used to keep my documents in is difference between them and Amazon? Just few features, more memory, cloud (music) player and you can directly purchase the music albums from Amazon store and copy them to cloud drive.Some old wine in new sexy bottle. That’s all!