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My Nutanix Notes

IPMI Tool  ~ # /ipmitool lan print1 (To Print the IP Address Info. command must run thru ESXi console) ~ # /ipmitool lan set 1 vlan id 333 (To set the VLAN ID) ~ # /ipmitool lan set 1 vlan id off (To remove the VLAN or disable) Set time zone for CVMs:
SSH to any CVM
# ncli cluster set-timezone timezone=America\New_York
Test E-Mail config:
#ncli cluster send-test-email recipient=“” subject=“test”
To Stop/Start PRISM Service: curl http://localhost/h/exit - Prism restart from zeusleader node
curl http://localhost/prism/leader   —> Prism start
Commands to verify the Block-Awareness
ncli cluster get-fault-tolerance-statencli cluster get-domain-fault-tolerance-status  type=rackable_unitncli cluster get-domain-fault-tolerance-status type=nodencli rack ls - how many blocks are in the cluster
Expand Cluster thru nCLI # ncli cluster discover-nodes (First Discover the nodes)
nutanix@NTNX-14SM36410061-A-CVM:$ ncli cluster discover-nodes     Cluster Id       …